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Frank Chu - Award Winning Professional Protester

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Frank Chu and his signs are instantly recognizable by anybody who has spent any time in San Francisco's financial district in the last decade. He can be found at the heart of any significant event or gathering in the city. He generally spends all day at the busiest intersections, warning of the insidious powers of the 12 Galaxies, ruled by resurrected presidents and their orgy of wives. One of San Francisco's best-known eccentrics, awarded "Best Protester" and "Best Pathological Citizen" (by the Bay Guardian and SF Weekly, respectively), Frank Chu makes distinctive picket signs, which he uses to vehemently educate the public about and protest the "12 Galaxies" conspiracy, since at least 1995.

Chu's black signs with fluorescent, all-caps lettering, repeat a particular syntax. "12 Galaxies" was his long standing trademark phrase, but in June 2007, Chu started adding galaxies. At the 2007 Castro Halloween Party, Chu's sign acknowledged "7,645,000 Galaxies," at MacWorld 2008 75,850,000 were identified, and at the Iraq War protest on March 19, 2008 there where 8,685,000,000 galaxies involved.

A 111 Minna gallery event on June 27, 2009, honoring Frank Chu, was orchestrated by David Lieberman and assisted by Mark McQuillen, among others. Frank provided 130 signs, which were given to attendees. The signs depicted here are from that event. These signs are presented for the study and dissemination of Frank's important message to humanity. Read and understand, lest you be consumed by the 12 Galaxies.

Impromptu 2006 Video Interview with Frank Chu

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