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Professional Cuddler

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In our stressful modern urban world, who has time for tenderness and a little cuddle? Enters the professional cuddler... The snuggling industry takes off, but clothes stay on; Spooning, bear-hugging or tickling sessions are extra and come with a fee.

For $80 an hour, or up to $400 for an overnight gig, a 33-year-old mother of three dons flannel pajama bottoms, puts away her family pictures and two pit bull mix dogs and invites clients into her bedroom to snuggle. Once the spooning begins, she insists that it stay strictly platonic. Believe it or not, there is a snuggling code of conduct.

While snuggling businesses have existed for years, interest is accelerating with newer online apps and meet-up services. Plans are under way for a cuddling convention. Thousands of customers across the country are booking appointments with professional cuddlers in at least 16 states. Patrons who booked these services out of mere curiosity say they have become hooked on their therapeutic benefits.

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