A listing of the top cool halloween & holidays jobs and cool halloween & holidays careers in the world, some you've never heard of, some obscure, and many of them unique and out of the ordinary.

Halloween Costume and Make-Up Designers

Halloween costume designer: Millions of Halloween costumes are bought and sold every year, which means that there is always room for the next great costume designer to revolutionize the industry.

Halloween product designer: Every trick or treater needs Halloween sacks, baskets and bags, flashlights, decorations and other novelties.

Make-up artists: Designing the perfect spooky face for entertainment characters isn't limited to Hollywood. Stage and video productions need makeup artists to transform actors into werewolves, vampires and ghouls.

Haunted house design/special effects: Thrilling haunted houses are a must. You can get in on the creepy fun with a job designing the Halloween haunts to scare the daylights out of gleeful guests.

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