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U.S.O. Performer

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Men and women in uniform make significant sacrifices. Most are stationed thousands of miles away from their families who are left behind for extended periods of time shouldering all the responsibilities at home. A show or a visit by someone they admire and respect is a tremendous way to help relieve the hardships of separation and reinforce the fact that their sacrifices are both recognized and greatly appreciated.

Equally important is the fact that USO tours are life changing for celebrities as well. Performing for the most appreciative audience in the world is certainly powerful incentive. Traveling to interesting and exotic places obviously draws others. Getting to experience a little of the military life is a rare opportunity, too.

But whatever intrigues a celebrity to go on a USO tour the first time, there's only one reason they return. The troops. Ask any performer who has been. They'll tell you. Entertaining the troops is a "must do" experience.

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