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LEGO Master Builder

Video Description: LEGO Master Builder Academy presents a new episode of the Blocumentary web-series! In this installment, visit the workplace and home of LEGO Master Builder Steve Gerling to discover how his talent as a wood-carving sculptor led him to become an accomplished and celebrated designer of plastic brick models. It's just one more example of how creative imagination can transform any medium into a true work of art! And did we mention the giant shark?

Video Description: On opening weekend of LEGO® Travel Adventure at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, LEGO Master Builder, Steve Gerling, helped thousands of museum visitors build a giant space shuttle using LEGO bricks. Check out the cool timelapse video of the build, and hear from Steve about his super cool job!

Steve Gerling works in the LEGO model shop, where his job is to design and build large-scale LEGO models that will surprise and amaze us. To put it simply, his goal is to demonstrate the unlimited potential that lies in any given pile of LEGO bricks. As a LEGO Master Builder, he has one of the most coveted occupations in the world.

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