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Livestream Eater - South Korea (Mokbang)

In her early 30’s, tiny South Korean Park Seo-Yeon has found a career that pays her bills and satisfies her favorite hobby: eating huge amounts of food in front of a devoted online audience.

The trend, known as “Mokbang” or “eating broadcast,” has launched people like Park into virtual South Korean stardom, generating thousands of views every time they switch on their webcams to gulp, gobble and devour their main meal of the day – all while commenting on the feast.

Although Park, who is known by her fans as “The Diva,” is one of the highest paid “online eaters,” reportedly earning around $9,000 a month – largely because she can stuff down the same amount of food as four grown men in one sitting – she is not alone in cashing in on the trend.

Other Mokbang celebrities include the South Korean chef Choi Ji-hwan and Australian comedian Sam Hammington, but amateurs are also turning to the fad, posting their own eating sessions on the internet.

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