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Beer and Ale Taster

Cool Jobs @ Beer and Ale Taster

The job of beer or ale taster often gets referred to as the world's coolest job. Men and women with superior taste buds are needed to test out beers before they hit the market and for the beer taster, the success of a particular beer or ale relies strictly on them. They write about beer, judge beer, put on the value on the beer for those who sell them and ultimately, they drink beer all day long. Being a beer taster is a serious business and those who are employed to taste beer take their job very seriously.

The job description reads like the true dream job as the tester gets to travel the world and meet many interesting people along the way.

Or if you are considering a career in brewing, you don't necessarily need brewing experience to land a job in a brewery. There all sorts of duties to be performed aside from the actual brewing. From cleaning to bottling to washing kegs, there are plenty of ways to get your foot in the door.

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