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Airplane Repossessor

Cool Jobs @ Airplane Repossessor

An airplane repossessor needs the nerves of steel of an auto repo (wo)man as well as the ability to fly everything from helicopters to Gulfstreams to jumbo jets.

But repossessors at top firms like Sage-Popovich of Valparaiso, Indiana, can earn six figures in a single job, collecting aircraft for banks whose borrowers have fallen behind on payments.

Nick Popovich and his crack team of experts have repossessed more than 1,500 luxury jetliners and other high-priced aircraft over the past three decades. "There's always danger because you never know who you're dealing with," said Popovich, a burly guy with both an intimidating grimace and a boyish smile.

In this economic climate, jets repossession is a rare growth industry. And the thrilling business even inspired a reality TV show. Extremely cool, even by Cool Jobs standards!

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